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Why Sitting is the New Smoking

It’s commonly accepted among experts that lower back pain is related to prolonged sitting. And let’s face it, in today’s world we spend plenty of time during our day doing exactly that—we sit in the car, we sit most of the day at work and we even sit to watch television after our workday is over.

It seems that the only time we’re not sitting is when we’re moving from one location to the next. Because this is how we’re living, it should come as no surprise that back pain, neck pain and headaches can be pretty common problems.

Beyond the obvious effects, sitting isn't just bad for your back—it’s also bad for your health. Sitting can contribute to a variety of chronic conditions such as stress, high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease and weight gain/obesity. When you get moving, you’re not only helping your back, but enhancing your health too.

And while we’re not suggesting that you stop sitting, what you should do is take some simple steps to minimise the impact by making your environment more spine friendly.

Here are a few suggestions:

  • Take interval breaks throughout your day, get up and walk every 45 minutes

  • Change your position as often as you sensibly can

  • Arrange an ergonomic assessment to optimise your work environment

  • Schedule walking meetings

  • Consider a sit-stand desk

  • Stretch your spine throughout the day

If you are concerned about the negative effects of too much sitting, or if you are already suffering as a result, consider contacting us to start the discussion and see how chiropractic care may help you, or have us attend your office for a workplace presentation.

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