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Are you a Weekend Warrior?

Chiropractors call them “Weekend Warriors:” those who have a basically sedentary occupation or profession, those who undertake little or no exercise during the week, and who on the weekend become super athletes or sports stars, ready to take on the world.

On Monday morning, Chiropractors are bombarded by these Weekend Warriors, who have managed to injur themselves as they attempt to perform in such sports for which they have little or no preparation. Chiropractors would rather get their patients into the physical condition in which they can handle weekend sports!

We advise anyone contemplating taking on a physical or strenuous activity to visit their chiropractor for a thorough examination. Very often there are problems which might be easy to correct at the time, but which could be made worse but sudden jerking or jarring movements, or even impacts and collisions. As a result the body may adopt to use different muscle groups, thereby placing all kinds of strain on the spine.

To avoid being injured in weekend sport:

  • Build a regular exercise program for during the week.

  • Before you proceed in the sport of your choice always warm up the body’s muscles by stretching and on finishing go through a set of stretches to warm down and regain the body’s equilibrium.

  • Always make sure the equipment fits you correctly.

  • Listen to your body, if a movement or exercise hurts that's your body's way of warning you about a potential injury

  • Be in tune with your gut instinct - if you have a "bad feeling" about something, don't do it.

  • And finally, if you suffer pain or discomfort after the exercise – visit your chiropractor to make sure your body is functioning as it should!

If you are guilty of being a Weekend Warrior, give us a call on (02) 9233 7606 to see how Chiropractic Care may help you get your health back on track.

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