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Commuting and Computing

While we’re all aware of the negative effects of too much sitting at work, take a moment to think about all the kms we're racking up while travelling to our jobs. Whether we’re a driver or a rider, all this commuting is also wreaking havoc on our spine.

Get To and From Work Without Punishing Your Back

Unfortunately most of us don't have the luxury of working from home, so its important to keep your back strong while commuting and computing.

1. Get in proper driving position. Ensure your seat is at the correct height and your ears are aligned with your shoulders. Also, use supportive arm rests to diminish stress put on the body. Use your headrest so your head doesn’t have to lurch forward to keep your focus on the road.

2. Stretch before and after your commute. Just as it’s a good idea to stretch before we exercise, it’s beneficial to stretch for a few minutes before or after a long distance trip (regardless of whether you drive to work or a ride on public transport). Stretching can reduce muscle tension and alleviate the anxiety that may be associated with stressful commutes.

3. Tame the tension. Driving in rush hour traffic can be a tension-inducing experience. As tension is most often felt in the neck and back, consider shrugging your shoulders when stopped at a red light. Get a lumbar support for your back if your seat isn’t comfortable or roll up a sweatshirt or towel and place it between the small of your back and the seat.

4. Be kind to your back. Our spine can take a beating from all the sitting and commuting. Learn to listen to your body, taming a gentle ache is easier than treating a roaring pain. Take preventative action steps to look after your spine, build core strength, maintain flexibility and reduce the chances of developing pain or an injury.

Keep Your Spine Healthy

Regular chiropractic adjustments are important when it comes to keeping your spine healthy so it can withstand the demands of daily commuting and computing. To schedule an appointment, give us a call or contact us here.

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