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Initial Consultation

As a clinical nutritionist, Phei gathers health information to form a comprehensive picture of your current health state. The initial consultation is where she looks into the different body systems, assessing food quality and dietary behaviours as well as medical history, family medical history, lifestyle and physical activity. She also assesses any current blood or function tests you provide. 

An individualised treatment plan will be created following the initial consultation including dietary and lifestyle recommendation, and nutritional supplementation if required. Further blood or functional tests may be requested to gain a deeper understanding of your current state of health.

An initial consultation usually lasts around 60-75 minutes.



Follow Up Consultation

Follow up consultations are usually arranged 2-3 weeks after the initial consultation. 

This consultation is to review your progress and assess any additional blood or functional test results. Phei will also share any research that she has acquired specifically to your case and provide you with a goal orientated individualised nutrition and treatment plan from the additional information obtained. 

A follow-up consultation usually lasts around 45 minutes.

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What is Clinical Nutrition?

Clinical Nutritionists approach disease prevention and management through a 

multidimensional lens. They take into account the whole individual - body, mind, and emotions, to help you achieve optimal health and wellness. They apply the latest in evidence-based nutritional medicine and scientific research to ensure a holistic, individualised, and patient-centered approach. 

Clinical nutritionists are specifically trained in the use of natural foods, dietary practices and nutritional supplements such as enzymes, probiotics, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals,
to treat underlying causes of illness and restore health.

Clinical Nutritionists assess health according to optimal standards rather than the absence of disease, and as part of this use functional tests such as digestive and stool tests and hormonal testing such as adrenal stress tests. They may also order and/or interpret blood tests from a functional perspective, looking at nutrients and other factors required for optimal body function.

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