More than 
21 years of combined experience

Complete Health Sydney was born out of a desire to help more people in the corporate community cope better with the modern day demands of stress and bad posture. 


New evidence is showing that some of the biggest contributors to pain, suffering and life-style illness are stress, prolonged sitting (and the bad posture associated with it) and poor nutrition. At Complete Health Sydney we have a strong passion to empower and inspire people in the workplace to be healthier and happier.


We believe that healthy employees are happy employees. In fact, healthy employees are three times more productive than unhealthy employees and take less time off work.  And this extends beyond the workplace too!

By curating a team of highly qualified and experienced health practitioners, we have created a one-stop health practice that will support you on your journey to greater health and wellness. Whether that be chiropractic care, psychology, naturopathy, massage or a combination of the above, we are committed to providing the most personalised care you need.

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